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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -Laptop Repairs

We Repair IBM Laptops

We repair Hewlett Packard Laptops

We Repair Dell Laptops

We Repair Sony VaioLaptops

We repair Toshiba Laptops

We Repair Samsung Laptops

We repair Compaq Laptops


Q: What laptop brands do you repair?

A: We repair all major brands such as Toshiba, Sony VAIO, DELL, HP, IBM THINKPAD, Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, Packard Bell, Samsung, HEWLETT PACKARD, NEC as well as IBM compatible clones such as AIRES, AJP, AST, ATLANTIC, CLEVO, COMPAQ, CTX, ELONEX, ERGO ESCOM, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, ICL, KAPOK, MITAC, OLIVETTI - PICO - TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, TINY, TIME, ADVENT, ZENITH, AMS, Quantex, Prostar, Microtec.

Q: What kind of repairs can you handle?

A: As we perform full system board level repair on all laptop computers, there is no limit to the type of repairs that our technicians can carry out. Some systems may require a part or component that is no longer available which makes some repairs more difficult and time-consuming. However, as we have a good stock of used or write-off laptops, their components can be used for laptops under repair. Typical laptop faults include dim screens, broken screens, broken or loose AC adapter connectors or simply faulty keyboard or hard disk replacements.

Q: What are the typical laptop services you offer?

A: We are able to carry out repairs in cases where any of the following situations has occurred:

Spillage of Liquids
Cracked or Broken LCD Screens
No Start Up Activity
Power Supply problems
Intermittent Problems
Broken USB or Power Connector
Data Recovery & Data Extraction from faulty laptops
Virus Removal
Software Reloads
Memory or hard disk upgrades or replacements
Password Removal
Keyboard replacements

Q: What does "component level repairs" mean?

A: Component level repairs simply means transistor, capacitor and IC replacement on a laptop system board. This enables us to reduce the cost of repair by avoiding replacement of major parts such as motherboards, LCD/TFT displays, video boards or onboard power supply units.

Q: What is the rate of success in laptop repairs?

A: 99% of the machines which are diagnosed with a fault by our technicians, can be repaired in our workshop. However, there are some machines need a major component rather than repairing the existing part due to irreparable damage done to the system board.

Q: Are your technicians fully qualified to carry out laptop repairs?

A: Yes. All our laptop technicians are experienced and have at least 5 years solid experience in laptop repairs and maintenance. All our technical staff are A+ certified and are rigorously vetted and trained prior to their full time employment. Less experienced technicians are always monitored and supervised by senior service engineers. LaptopComputerService.co.uk has been has been repairing computers for many years. We serve a large number private and business customers across the UK and carry out computer maintenance on behalf of some major computer companies.

Q: Can you get a firm quote before sending in or dropping off my laptop for repair?

A: A full quote before a carrying out initial diagnostics on any given laptop in our workshop, is not possible. However, we can give you a rough estimate of how much a full repair may cost based on the information the customer supplies over the phone or in person.

Q: What is our typical turn-around time for laptop repairs?

A: We can normally diagnose and give you the result of our findings and repair costs within 3 working days days. We present our findings via email or phone calls. Once we have your authorization to repair your laptop, we will start the repair process immediately. The general time frame for laptop repairs, is 5-6 working days subject to parts availability. When a part has to be replaced, are at the mercy of our part suppliers or manufacturer of the laptop. This can take up to 7 days in some cases.

Q: Do you offer any warranty on your repairs?

A: Yes, there is a limited warranty of 2 months if the same problems come back again. However if it turns out to be a different or a new fault, new charges will be applied. Warranty will be void if the laptop is tampered with by any one other than our technicians after the delivery of the laptop.

Q: What is the repair procedure once your have received or collected the computer?

A: Once your laptop arrives in our workshop, we begin by carrying out a thorough diagnosis of the fault in order to determine the cost of repair. Once the cost of the repair has been determined and authorisation for the repair has been obtained from the customer, our technicians will begin the repair process immediately. If the repair involves replacement of a part, we will place an order with our our part suppliers.

Q: What is the benefit of dropping off my computer in your North Finchley workshop?

A: This will speed up the diagnostic and repair process by 2 days and can cut short the length of time it takes to repair a laptop. This option however, applies to those who are in London or can drive to London to drop off their laptops.

Q: Can you collect my laptop on Saturdays or evenings?

A: Yes, we can. However, an extra charge may apply.

Q: Can you collect my computer from my work place?

A: Yes we can. Just mention this when you make a booking.

Q: What methods of payments are acceptable to you?

A: We accept all major credit or debit cards including VISA, DELTA, MasterCard, SOLO, Maestro, American Express. Cash can be paid only if the client collects the repaired laptop from our workshop in person. Cheques are not acceptable unless prior agreement is obtained at the time of booking.

NOTE: You can send your questions to info@laptopcomputerservice.co.uk  and we will post the answers here.


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All major credit/debit cards are accepted.


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